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Peace Poles

Limestone | Stainless | Copper

Sculptor with limestone peace pole


Stainless steel peace pole cap


Peace pole dedication

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The color of copper patina
on a Peace Pole

The color of copper patina

My Work: I make peace poles out of materials that exude substance and endurance. I make them wider and taller to give them "presence" to legitimize the message.

The color of my welding shed

The door to my welding shed

It takes 6 to 10 weeks to make a peace pole depending on the size and material. Limestone takes 10 weeks. Metal takes 6 weeks. For a rush charge things can be made to happen more quickly.

It took a few years of experimenting
with the patina on copper

Patina experiments on copper

On the phone once someone was testing me about who I was to be making peace poles and what my work was like. Which is legitimate. I understand that and don't mind it. But one of the questions she asked was whether I had a peace pole in my own yard.

Copper, heat, gases

Early copper patina experiments

Later I repeated the question to my wife and we had a good laugh. I had three by my front door, five around back, peace poles leaning on the side of my house, in my basement, in the garage. . .

The glow of the heat on my hazmat suit

The glow of the heat on my hazmat suit

They can take over the yard when I make prototypes because I want to watch them weather over the years. Some I hide behind trees where I won't see them for months at a time so that the changes will be noticeable for not having been seen happening gradually. Others I put where I will see them constantly. . .

Experimented with making one
out of glass

Glass Peace Pole

I want to see them outside from a distance. I want to see them at night, and in the morning before the sun hits them, and at noon when the light is blinding.

In the beginning I tried wood

Carving wooden peace pole

I need to walk around the corner and happen to notice one across the yard while I'm not thinking about them to see how they strike me. Sometimes I look up and think, "Maybe I should try . . . " and then I make a new design.

Wooden Peace Poles

What does peace look like? How can one visually represent the moral, political and spiritual dimensions of it?

This person tried knitting peace

A knitted peace pole

Fortunately a visual vocabularly has been established by the founder and all of the people who have followed "planting" poles with text about peace.

Leaning on welding shed at dawn

Stainless peace pole leaning on welding shed

But what can be done to make them speak more evocatively? What can make a peace pole more of a part of the community in which it stands? I get to work on that.

The next time
I make a 14 foot
Steeple Shaped
Peace Pole
I'll put a photo
of it here.

The Tradition:
Peace poles are a tradition begun by Masahisa Goi shortly after World War II in Japan.

Masahisa Goi, the founder of the peace pole movement

He wrote "May peace prevail on earth" in Japanese on a pole and had it translated into a different language on each side.

"Peace" in the founder's handwriting

The word Peace in the handwriting of Masahisa Goi, the founder of the peace pole movement

Someone saw it and wanted one. Someone saw that one and wanted one too. And it became a movement.

"Peace" in a normal Japanese font

The word Peace in a normal Japanese font

Now more than 400,000 peace poles have been planted everywhere from the North Pole to the Gaza Strip, often in ceremonies at which they have been dedicated by everyone from President Jimmy Carter to Mother Theresa.

"Peace" in Mandarin is the same
just with the characters in reverse order

Peace in Mandarin

My peace poles are larger than most and characteristically are purchased by non-profit groups, usually parks, campuses or churches, but some do go to private gardens and people's homes.

Cap for a peace pole in front of a Dojo in Sweden

Copper cap for peace pole in front of Dojo in Sweden

I made a peace pole for a family that was designing a garden around it for their daughter's wedding.

Garden design for a park

Layout of design for a peace pole garden

Quite a few have been given as gifts, sometimes from a scout troop or a graduating class after a period of fund raising. Sometimes to a soldier as a homecoming gift.

Diagram of paver layout around a 5-sided peace pole

Paver layout diagram for around a 5 sided peace pole

Sometimes years are spent fund raising, as described in a newspaper article (on another site) about a peace pole erected by a school needing a place to grieve after a tragedy. They built the round plaza seen below on their front lawn with places to sit around the limestone peace pole.

Peace Pole Garden

Broad community support is common for these efforts, as shown in this newspaper article (on this site).

Dove with olive branch that I hammered out of copper

Peace dove with olive branch hammered out of copper

International Day of Peace:
September 21 is the United Nation’s International Day of Peace. The people who promote it say it is celebrated by someone in almost every country.

The Thai word for Peace
The Thai translation of Peace

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Do It Yourself: How to make your own peace pole.

If you find yourself muttering, “If I don’t get to cut steel tomorrow, I shall go mad,”
you might be a sculptor waiting for an injury to heal.
Some of my text may be outside the box. . . Hey, I'm an artist.